A Brief Dictionary Of Hinduism
Published by Vedanta Press Hollywood, California.

The definitions and pronunciation of 600 terms and proper names.
A Dictionary Of Advaita Vedanta
By Swami Harshananda.

Definitions of the terms used in Advaita Vedanta. Based on the terminology of the Vedantasara. Contains two introductory essays and ten charts outlining the Advaita philosophy.
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Learn Sanskrit In 30 Days
By K. Srinivaschari.

Here is the easiest way to learn, read, write, speak and converse Sanskrit through English.
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The Language of the Gods
By Judith M. Tyberg.

Sanskrit Keys To India's Wisdom.

This book contains the explanation of some 2000 Sanskrit spiritual, philosophical and religious terms of the wisdom-scriptures of ancient and modern India.
The Concise Sanskrit English Dictionary
By Vasudeo Govind Apte.

A useful concise Sanskrit-English dictionary for all readers.
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A Sanskrit English Dictionary
By M. Monier-Williams.

Etymologically and Philologically arranged with special reference to Cognate Indo-European Languages.
The Student's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
By Vaman Shivram Apte.

The Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary. Includes Appendices on Sasnkrit Prosody and important Literary and Geographical names in the ancient history of India.
The Student's English-Sanskrit Dictionary
By Vaman Shivram Apte.

Written especially for the student and the general reader.
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