New Books

Emotional Intelligence (The Vivekananda Way)
By: A.R.K. Sarma, 152 Pages, Paper Back.

Taking Swami Vivekananda as a role model, this book nicely presents the various aspects of 'Emotional Intelligence".
Encountering The Memory-Self
By: Swami Satyamayananda, 120 Pages, Paper Back.

This book was written from the author's personal enquiry into the intricacies of mind, karma, memory and so on.
Entrepreneurship Formulas
By A. R. K Sarma, 176 Pages, Paper Back.

In this book author has presented Swami Vivekananda's core principles for bringing success and glory to the entrepreneurs.
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Increase faith in yourself by 10 Times Multiply your achievements by 10,000 Times
By:A.R.K. Sarma, 152 Pages, Paperback.

This book is based on Swami Vivekananda's message on "faith in oneself".
Knowing the Knower
By Swami Tyagananda, 155 Pages, Paper Back.

A Jnana Yoga Manuel
Krida Yoga
By: Dattaram Pol, 128 Pages, Paper Back.

Yoga is.a process of all round personality development - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Games play an important part in this process.

Games (Kriya) will turn into yoga if we keep constant awareness while playing. Which in turn will bring love, harmony, peace and bliss.
Musings Of A Monk
By: Swami Smaranananda, 679 Pages, Hard Cover.

Book is a collections of sixty eight articles written by Swami Smaranananda on different subjects.
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Positive Thinking
A publication of Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, 42 Pages, Paper Back.

The hand book on Positive Thinking is the first of the series of the books under the banner 'Swami Vivekananda Way Series'.
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The Power of Prayer and The Art of Positive Thinking
By: Swami Srikantananda, 41 Pages, Paper Back.

Turning towards the Divine for help is prayer in its higher form.
Primary Hinduism
BY: Seeta Lakhan, 116 Pages, Hard Cover.

Book is entirely designed to meet the need of the young Hindus, especially the educated and rational minded youth of today.
Sri Ramanuja Pictorial
BY: Smt. Latha Balasubramanian, 24 Pages, Paper Back.

Magnificent instructions of Sri Ramanuja with pictures.
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Sannyasa Upanishads
Translated by Atmapriyananda, 144 Pages, Hard cover.

This book contains select minor Upanishads which have a special bearing on renunciation or sannyasa, and hence are called Sannyasa Upanishads.
Spiritual Intelligence
By:A. R. K. Sarma, 152 Pages, Paper Back.

In this book author has presented the principles and practices of :Spiritual Intelligence" taking Swami Vivekananda's teachings as the basis.
Subho's Adventure: A Journey through Time
A publication of Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, 96 Pages, Paper Back.

A value-Education Storybook for age group 14-16 years.
Swami Subodhananda: Life Teachings and Reminiscences
By: Swami Chetanananda and Swami Vimohananda, 212 Pages, Paper Back.

Through this book readers will get a wonderful glimpses of the divine and endearing personality of this saintly and eminent disciple of Sri Ramakrishna.
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Swami Trigunatita His Life and Work
By: Sister Gargi (Marie Louise Burke), 455 Pages, Hard Cover.

This book describes Swami Trigunatita's life in India and his work in the West.
Swami Vivekananda's Vision of Future Society
Published by Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, 181 Pages, Papwe Back.

This book contains papers read at a seminar held at the Institute of Culture to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.
When the many become One
By: Swami Ashokananda, 104 Pages, Paper Back.

This book contains lectures given by Swami Ashokananda at the Vedanta Society of Northern California in San Francisco.
Many Ways To God: Harmony of Religions
A Publication of Vivekananda Vedanta Society of Chicago, 57 Pages, Paperback

Commemorating 125th Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda's Chicago Addresses.