The Samaveda

The Samaveda

Translated by Devi Chand, 304 pages, Hardcover.

In general, the verses of the Samaveda are taken from the Rgveda, but their sequence is different. The first part, called Purvarcika, has 589 verses; the second, called Uttararcika, has 1225 stanzas. The hymns were meant to be chanted by the Udgatr priests at Soma sacrifices.

This edition of Samaveda is based on the exposition of Swami Dayanand. The translator has furnished references in the footnotes to different interpretations of Indian and foreign scholars. An introduction and glossary-cum-index are added for the benefit of those not acquainted with the Samaveda. Everyone shall find this an excellent book for a thorough understanding of the Samaveda.