Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

By Swami Gnaneswarananda, 214 Pages, Paperback.

Swami Gnaneswarananda, who founded the Vivekananda Vedanta Society in 1930, was a person of great charm, with a magnetic personality. He had a boyish nature, with a smile for everyone and an enthusiasm for spiritual endeavor that was contagious.

In "Yoga For Beginners" gives an explanation of each of the four yogas.

The swami once said, "The clearest and most open thing in the world is the means to attain divine life; but because of our passions and weaknesses we have covered that up with all sorts of 'secret knowledge' and lots of other nonsense. The 'open sesame' to spiritual life is the secret of being and becoming, of having the strength and courage to carry a thing into actual practice, no matter how simple and devoid of high-sounding and befooling names it may be. This is the 'open secret' knowing which we can wake up from this long and painful world-dream. There is no short-cut to that.