Swami Vivekananda In The West (Each)

Swami Vivekananda In The West (Each)

By Marie Louise Burke, Hardcover.

VOLUME 1: Before The Parliament, The Parliament Of Religions, In And Around Chicago, The Midwestern Tour, In a Southern City, The Climax At Detroit, The Christian Onslaught, Return Of the Warrior.

VOLUME 2: The Eastern Tour-I, Trials And Triumph, Summer, 1894, The Eastern Tour-II, The Last Battle, Dawn Of The World Mission.

VOLUME 3: New York: Spring 1895, Thousand Island Park, Interlude, England, 1895, New York: December 1895, New York: January, February 1896-I, New York: January, February 1896-II

VOLUME 4: Detroit: March 1896, Boston: March 1896, Last Days In America, England: May-July 1896-I, England: May-July 1896-II, European Tour: Summer 1896, England: Fall 1896-I, Igniting The Indian Work, England: Fall 1896-II.

VOLUME 5: Second Voyage To The West, England: An Interlude, Ridgely Manor: The Great Summer, New York And Chicago, Southern California: A New Mission Begins-I, Southern California: A New Mission Begins-II, Northern California: A New Gospel-I.

VOLUME 6: Northern California: A New Gospel-II, A world Mission Draws To A Close-I, A World Mission Draws To A Close-II, Homeward Bound-I, Homeward Bound-II.