Vivekananda: East Meets West

Vivekananda: East Meets West

By Swami Chetanananda, 163 pages, Hardcover, Oversize.

In 1893 Vivekananda brought the universal message of Vedanta to the West. He wanted to infuse the ancient, spiritual values of Vedanta into the dynamic, creative power of the West. He hoped the West would temper its materialism by learning from India, the home of ancient Vedic culture. In exchange, he wanted the West's vitality to rub off on India, to help India shake off its lethargy. His life and teachings stand as a meeting point between East and West.

This pictorial biography celebrates the centenary of Vivekananda's coming to the West and his universal message of Vedanta. There are 275 rare and beautiful photographs in this book, including all known photographs of Swami Vivekananda.