Swami Vivekananda In Chicago: New Findings

Swami Vivekananda In Chicago: New Findings

By Asim Chaudhuri, 240 pages, Hardcover.

Much research has been done on Swami Vivekananda's experiences in America, especially his life in Chicago. But still many details of his life have remained obscure. For those devoted to Swamiji's life and work, every incident is important and adds to our knowledge of this great saint. Is it still possible to unearth more material on Swamiji's life in Chicago?

Thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of Mr. Asim Chaudhuri it has been possible. Using our present knowledge of Swamiji as his foundation, Mr. Chaudhuri presents in his fascinating style his discoveries. He has not only presented some new facts, but also confirmed beyond any doubt that Swami Vivekananda created an extraordinary sensation at the Parliament of Religions. Contains 61 photographs of the people and places associated with Swami Vivvekananda.