Vivekananda's Approach To Social Work

Vivekananda's Approach To Social Work

By Indira Patel, 136 Pages, Hardcover.

The crucial role of voluntary social work agencies in furthering the people's welfare is widely recognized in the East and West. But there is no firm philosophy for motivating the social worker along fruitful channels and so, in actual practice, many tangles develop at different levels. Author points out how Swami Vivekananda, the prophet and pathfinder, has given us remarkable guidelines for social work based on plenary truth that Jiva is Siva.

Our fellow men and women must be served, not in a patronizing spirit, but as a Sadhana, as adoration of the Divine latent in every soul. This is the principle followed by Ramakrishna Math and Mission in the fields of education, medicine, culture and relief work in times of natural calamities.