True Psychology

True Psychology
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By Swami Abhedananda, 202 pages, Hardcover.

Swami Abhedananda says, "True Psychology recognizes the existence of body, mind and soul. But the modern Physiological Psychology admits the existence of body only, and nothing else. True Psychology tells us, what we call the physical body is the dwelling house of the soul. It is manufactured by the soul, which is the source of intelligence and self-consciousness."

Swami Abhedananda further states that we should know and realize what the true nature of the soul is and then we should also ascertain our relationship with the Absolute. The psyche is the pure ego in individuality—"which is not a thought, not a function of the mind, not a function of our intellect, not a sensation, not a percept or a concept, but which is the unifying element of all and which makes each one of them related to us". So the soul or psyche is not the mind, not a state of mind, not a faculty of the brain, but is the pure consciousness itself.