They Lived With God

They Lived With God
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By Swami Chetanananda, 434 pages, Hardcover.

Of Sri Ramakrishna's lay disciples, relatively little has been recorded in book form. These men and women came from all walks of life, attracted by the power and depth of his spirituality. As often as their duties allowed, they would visit the Master to listen to his teachings, to serve him, or simply to be in his presence. After Ramakrishna's passing away on August 16, 1886, these devotees were sustained by their Master's inspiring teachings, their sweet memories, and by their love and regard for one another. Needless to say, their lives had been transformed by meeting a man whom they came to accept as a Divine Incarnation, as God manifest in human form.

In twenty-eight short biographies the author brings alive Ramakrishna's principal lay disciples, and shows how they exemplified various facets of their Master's teachings. Moreover, this book presents a more complete picture of Ramakrishna himself, including many new stories about his life which have never been recorded in English.