Thank You For Being Such A Pain

Thank You For Being Such A Pain
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By Mark I. Rosen, PH.D., 286 Pages, Paperback.

Everyone experiences difficulties in everyday relationships and there lies a deeper spiritual meaning to these difficulties. During our life time, very few experiences bring us as much joy or deliver as much sorrow as our relationships with others. This book is based on four premises: first, that life's seemingly random encounters are not so random after all; second that the pain, frustration, and suffering we experience with certain people are just as important for our personal and spiritual growth as love and joy - adversity is our teacher, pushing past our resistance and teaching us what we would fail to otherwise learn; third that difficult relationships can and should be healed, as learning how to transform enmity is one of our most important life lessons; and fourth that healing requires being attentive to the spiritual lessons that life presents us - when we do the inner work we are here to do, our outer relationships and circumstances become transformed.