Srotraratna: The Hymn-Jewel of Sri Yamunacarya

Srotraratna: The Hymn-Jewel of Sri Yamunacarya
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Translated by Adidevananda, 77 Pages, Paperback.

Mystics have always taught that the Divine must be sought through self-surrender and loving meditation. In very early times the Alvars, who were steeped in God-consciousness, betook themselves to serve God by self-surrender and meditation. Many seekers of God, who came in the wake of the Alvars, also tread the same path of self-surrender and meditation for union with God. The Alvars were succeeded by the acharyas. The acaryas showed great zeal and fervor in organizing communities of devotees for preserving the vision, ecstasies and doctrines of the Alvars. Sri Yamunacharya, the grandson of Sri Nathamuni, the first acharya, was born about 916 A.D. He has exercised a vast and varied influence on the history of Vaisnava mysticism and Vishtadvaita philosophy. Sri Yamunacharya's "Stotraratna" is considered one of the finest masterpieces of devotion.