Spiritual Instructions

Manifesting Inherent Perfection
By Eminent Contributors, 586 Pages, Hard Cover.

Writings on education for complete self-development. A collection of 50 writings on various aspects of education 'in the widest sense'.
How to Seek God
By Swami Yatiswarananda.

A collection of Swami Yatiswarananda's lectures delivered at Ramakrishna Math.
Essentials Of Spiritual Life
By Swami Yatiswarananda.

Compilation of essays for a spiritual life.
Towards The Goal Supreme
By Swami Virajananda.

A record of spiritual advice helpful in dealing with the difficulties encountered in spiritual practice.
Strive to Attain God
By Swami Virajananda.

A compilation of some important lectures and writings of Swami Virjananda, which were originally published in different journals specially Prabuddha Bharata.
The Mind And Its Control
By Swami Budhananda.

This book sets forth the teachings of Vedanta and Yoga on the nature of mind and ways of controlling it. One of our most popular books.
How To Build Character
By Swami Budhananda.

A guide to build a strong character particularly for the youth.
Book of Daily Thoughts and Prayers
By Swami Paramananda.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Inspiring verses and lessons for each day of the year.
Faith Is Power
By Swami Paramananda.

This book reveals the constructive force of faith.
Path Of Devotion
By Swami Paramananda.

This book provides clear spiritual direction, reassurance and inspiration with an appendix containing Sanskrit salutations and prayers with translation.
Right Resolutions
By Swami Paramananda.

Helpful and meaningful daily resolutions.
Secret Of Right Activity
By Swami Paramananda.

Instructions on how to perform our work efficiently and as a spiritual practice.
Self Mastery
By Swami Paramananda.

A clear and simple book for beginners.
Silence As Yoga
By Swami Paramananda.

Discusses the role of silence in spiritual life and gives instructions on how to find it in today's busy world.
Spiritual Healing
By Swami Paramananda.

Author makes it clear that "The only true healing is accomplished by contact with the spiritual essence."
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The Way Of Peace And Blessedness
By Swami Paramananda.

Inspiring teachings about the spiritual path.
Development Of The Will
By Sister Devamata.

A lecture by Sister Devamata.
Adventures In Religious Life
By Swami Yatiswarananda.

The lectures of Swami Yatiswarananda during his tenure at Philadelphia and Bangalore are here reproduced and provide a bountiful collection of spiritual advice clearly expressed.
A Call To The Eternal
By Swami Ashokananda.

Swami Ashokananda's monthly editorials in Prabudha Bharata are reproduced in this book.
Ascent To Spiritual Illumination
By Swami Ashokananda.

Ten lectures on spiritual practice. Swami Ashokananda speaks to the average spiritual aspirant - one who desires spiritual enlightenment, but who is not yet willing to let go of worldly pleasures.
Some Guidelines to Inner Life
By Swami Gokulananda.

Various disciplines that an aspirant must undergo in order to attain Moksha or liberation.
How to Overcome Mental Tension
By Swami Gokulananda.

A positive approach to the problem of tension.
Overcoming Anger
By Swami Budhananda.

This book deals with how one can attempt to overcome anger.
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
A publication of Ramakrishna Math.

A holistic approach to spiritual life.
Relief of Tension, Depression & Anxiety Through Spiritual Living
By Swami Tathagatananda.

Tension and stress are the two greatest threats to peace of mind in the modern world. From both a psychological and spiritual standpoint this book is a most valuable help to find serenity in the face of turbulence and anxiety.
Will-Power And Its Development
By Swami Budhananda.

A brief book on the development and use of man's greatest power.
How to Organise Life?
Published by Ramakrishna Math.

This book gives practical insights as to how to organise life in today's world of changing values and have fulfillment and meaning in life.
Spiritual Unfoldment
By Swami Abhedananda.

An excellent book on spiritual development with chapters on "Self-Control", "Concentration and Meditation", and "Godconsciousness"
Happiness and Peace in Everyday Life
By Swami Nikhileswarananda.

This book is text of series of popular lectures delivered by Swami Nikhileswarananda at AMA.
The Steps Towards Perfection
By Swami Abhedananda.

A study of the ultimate goal of life.
Spiritual Practice
By Swami Ashokananda.

A useful guide to help spiritual aspirant.
Spiritual Quest: Questions & Answers
By Swami Tapasyananda.

A collection of thoughtful answers given to earnest aspirants by Swami Tapasyanandaji whose whole life was a saga of spiritual endeavor and realization.
Values: The Key To A Meaningful Life
A publication of Ramakrishna Math.

In this volume twenty-six select men and women from all over the world share their views, perceptions, insights concerning values in the fields they are actively associated with.
Conquest Of Mind
By Eknath Easwaran.

Take charge of your thoughts & reshape your life through meditation.
Go Forward Volume 1
Translated by Swami Swahananda.

Book is a collection of letters and notes written by Swami Premeshananda (1884-1967)
Go Forward Volume II
Translated by Swami Swahananda.

Second volume of the letters of Swami Premeshananda.
Service: Ideal and Aspects
A publication of Ramakrishna Math.

The first part of this volume contains articles on the ideal of service in some major religions of the world. The second part concentrates on a few varied aspects of service.
No One Is A Stranger
A publication of Ramakrishna Math.

Dynamics of nurturing inter-personal relationships with spiritual values.
Seeing God Everywhere
By Swami Shraddhananda.

A practical guide to spiritual living.
How To End Suffering
By Dolores Wood.

Teachings from Sri Eknath Easwaran about the power of the human spirit.
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Spiritual Titbits
By Swami Yatisawarananda.

Helpful points for spiritual life.
Divine Grace
By Swami Ranganathananda.

A lecture given by Swami Ranganathananda at Beacon Yoga Centre, Sivananda Ashram, Perth, Western Australia.
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Religion in Practice
By Swami Prabhavananda.

25 lectures which give a direct and pragmatic approach to spiritual life.
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Health Medicine And Religion
By Swami Brahmeshananda.

A compilation of articles on the theme of health and medical science in the light of ethics, religion and spirituality.
Effective Life Management
By Swami Amartyananda.

Book deals with looking at life in a holistic manner to manage it effectively.
Realizing God
Edited by Edith Dickinson Tipple.

Lectures on Vedanta by Swami Prabhavananda.
Search After Happiness
By Swami Ramakrishnananda.

Lectures delivered by Swami Ramakrishnananda during the years 1893-1911.
Spiritual Life For Modern Times
By Swami Vireswarananda.

Book contains selections of the writings and addresses of Swami Vireswarananda the 10th President of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission.
How To Shape The Personality
A Vedanta Kesari presentation.

Book explores the dimensions of building up a healthy personality.
Dharma And Its Practice
A vedanta Kesari Presentation.

It is a symposium by eminent scholars and savants.
Adversities Are Opportunities
By Swami Sunirmalananda.

The stories in this book show that adversities can be transformed into privileges, and problems can be converted into opportunities.
Healthy Values of Living
By Swami Tathagatananda.

This book presents the key values to live by, that are needed for the modern man and the dire need for moral and spiritual values in life.
Goodbye to Negativity
By Swami Gokulananda.

This book contains speeches and press interviews of Swami Gokulananda stressing on imbibing a positive attitude in life by shedding all negativity.
Great Sayings With Illustrations
Publication of The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture.

This book is a compilation of quotations from the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, the Holy Mother, and Swami Vivekananda which gives one a bird's eye view of the philosophy and practice of the Ramakrishna Movemant.
Learn To Live (Volume-1)
By Swami Jagadatmananda, 256 Pages, Paperback.

Author presents a philosophy to live by with interesting incidents, illustrations, examples and insights from successful living to guide and goad youth to reach excellence and reap success.
Learn To Live (Volume-2)
By Swami Jagadatmananda.

Author presents a philosophy to live by with interesting incidents, illustrations, examples and insights from successful living to guide and goad youth to reach excellence and reap success.
Nurturing Relationships: The Art of Caring and Sharing
By Swami Nikhileshwarananda.

This book tells how to find balance in life and form meaningful relationships.
The Secret of Happiness
By Swami Brahmeshananda.

Compilation of articles written by Swami Brahmeshananda on the problem of the universal suffering and the struggle for happiness in which humanity is engaged from times immemorial.
Selfless Work: Its Basis, Methods and Fulfilment
By Swami Bhajanananda.

This book answers all the questions regarding Karma Yoga.
Self Development
By Swami Premeshananda.

This booklet gives a roadmap to tune our bodies and minds and make them do what we want.
The Power of Prayer and The Art of Positive Thinking
By: Swami Srikantananda, 41 Pages, Paper Back.

Turning towards the Divine for help is prayer in its higher form.
Positive Thinking
A publication of Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, 42 Pages, Paper Back.

The hand book on Positive Thinking is the first of the series of the books under the banner 'Swami Vivekananda Way Series'.
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