The Six Systems Of Hindu Philosophy A Primer

The Six Systems Of Hindu Philosophy A Primer
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By Swami Harshananda, 103 Pages, Paperback.

Hinduism is not just a bundle of rituals and dogmas. It has a philosophy behind it, as a strong unshakable foundation, based on the Srutis or the Vedas and going back to a few milleniums.

Each one of the philosopher sages of hoary antiquity - whether Gautama or Kapila or Jaimini or Badarayana Vyasa - had taught his philosophy based upon Vedas and his own 'darrsana or realisation, after undergoing severe austerities. In course of time these developed into the now well known Saddarsanas or Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy.

Though these Six Systems are different in their approaches to the truth, they are unanimous as far as the final goal of humankind is concerned.