Sister Nivedita

Sister Nivedita
By Pravrajika Atmaprana.

A biography of Sister Nivedita, a humanitarian who deeply understood India and swore that "humanity is mind, not body; soul not flesh".
The Story of Sister Nivedita
By Pravrajika Atmaprana.

A brief and simple biography.
Myths & Legends of the Hindus & Buddhists
By Sister Nivedita & Ananda K. Coomaraswamy.

Gathered together in this single volume are the most important stories of Hindu and Buddhist mythology.
Cradle Tales of Hinduism
By Sister Nivedita.

In this book Sister Nivedita has retold traditional Indian nursery-tales in her inimitable style.
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Hints on National Education in India
By Sister Nivedita

A Compilation of Sister Nivedita's writings on matters of education in India.
Nivedita of India
A publication of The Ramakrishna Mission Institute Of Culture.

A life story and sayings of Sister Nivedita and incidents from her life.
My India My People
By Pravrajika Atmaprana.

Sister Nivedita's work, service and contributions to Indian women and poor in the field of education.
Nivedita As I Saw Her
By Saralabala Sarkar and translated by Probhat Mukherjee.

This booklet is on the life of Sister Nivedita by a Bengali writer who came in contact with Sister Nivedita in 1914.
Civic and National Ideals
By Sister Nivedita.

Sister Nivedita's writings for the furtherance of the cause of the education of Indian women.
Notes of Some Wanderings With the Swami Vivekananda
By Sister Nivedita.

Bright glimpses of the yet undiscovered nooks of the private life of Swami Vivekananda.
Religion and Dharma
By Sister Nivedita.

Essays by Sister Nivedita dealing with the general principles of individual and social growth according to the law of dharma.
Siva And Buddha
By Sister Nivedita.

Stories of Siva and Buddha.
Footfalls of Indian History
By Sister Nivedita.

A brief overview of Indian history.
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The Web of Indian Life
By Sister Nivedita.

In this book Sister Nivedita has given us pictures of the Indian woman in her role as mother and wife and as the feeder and sustainer of the national culture and traditions.
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