Short Introduction to Sakta Philosophy

Short Introduction to Sakta Philosophy
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By Subodh Kapoor, 184 Pages, Paperback.

There is no word of wider content in any language that the Sanskrit word, 'Shakti', meaning 'Power'. For Shakti in the highest sense is God as Mother, and in another sense it is the universe which issues from Her Womb. Therefore, the Yoginihridaya Tantra salutes Her who conceives, bears, produces and thereafter nourishes all worlds.

Today Western science speaks of Energy as the physical ultimate of all forms of Matter. So has it been for ages to the Saktas, as the worshippers of Shakti are called. But they add that such Energy is only a limited manifestation (as Mind and Matter) of the almighty infinite Supreme Power (Maha-Shakti) of Becoming in 'That' (Tat), which is unitary Being (Sat) itself.

Their doctrine is to be found in the traditions, oral and written, which are contained in the Agamas,which (with Purana, Smriti and Veda) constitute one of the four great classes of Hindu scriptures. The Tantras are scriptures of the Agama.