A Short Introduction to Vaisnavism

A Short Introduction to Vaisnavism
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By Subodh Kapoor, 156 Pages, Paperback.

Vishnu comes from a root meaning "to pervade." and he is known as the Pervader. Thus Vishnu dwells in everything and defeats the power of destruction.

As the highest deity to the Vaishnavas, Vishnu is expressed symbolically in his mythological form as Anantasayin, reclining on the serpent of eternity called Ananta or Sesha. He is floating on the cosmic waters from which reality is manifested. A lotus grows from his navel, symbolizing his creative potential, and on the lotus sits Brahma ready to bring about creation at Vishnu's command. After his active phase, Vishnu returns to his snake bed and is united with Yoganidra, the goddess of sleep, and the process of creation starts again.