Self Mastery

Self Mastery
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By Swami Paramananda, 78 Pages, Paperback.

The thirst for happiness is a common instinct in all mankind; but every one does not possess the secret of acquiring it, nor the power to retain it when it comes. This requires both wisdom and endurance. Perhaps for this reason the great men of all countries and ages have laid such tremendous emphasis on a life of self-discipline and self-control. Self-discipline enables us to organize and unite all our scattered forces. This necessarily increases our power for both thought and action. It is not true, though it appears to be, that we have many isolated factors in our life. The same energy which pulsates through our heart and brain also operates our hands and feet; therefore learning to collect and control this inherent energy, which now we fritter away through lack of co-ordination and co-operation, would mean the greatest asset in our life.