Science of Psychic Phenomena

Science of Psychic Phenomena
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By Swami Abhedananda, 98 pages, Hardcover.

The subconscious plane is a vast field as it 'possesses unlimited powers and possibilities'. It is the hidden storehouse of energy and power, and all the powers that are manifested on the physical, mental and spiritual planes, are different phases of the same unmanifested energy, lying latent in the subconscious. It is the subliminal self that shapes out the destiny and character of all individual souls. It is the perennial source that enables us to express thoughts and deeds in our daily life. It can be controlled and concentrated. It is completely mastered by the Yogis, who practice for their eternal union with the infinite source of knowledge and bliss. But these powers are scattered gems and pearls in the courtyard of the Divine, so they never help us enter into the inner sanctuary of the Lord.