Science and Practice of Yoga

Science and Practice of Yoga
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By Swami Paramananda, 14 pages, Paperback.

"As physical science strives to demonstrate the laws of the material universe before it accepts them, so the science of Yoga seeks to prove the laws of the spiritual world. The one is the science of the seen, the other the science of the unseen. The aim of both is knowledge, but the processes employed necessarily differ. When people out of spiritual yearning want to prove the deeper facts of existence, Yoga offers them certain methods by which the revelation of these facts can be gained. The word means literally means "union"—union between subject and object. Knowledge takes place through this union. There must always be some point of contact. We cannot know Truth from a distance. We may make a mental picture of it, but it cannot be exact. For precise knowledge there must be contact and this contact is Yoga." SWAMI PARAMANANDA