Samkhya Karika Of Isvara Krsna

Samkhya Karika Of Isvara Krsna
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Translated by Swami Virupakshananda, 135 Pages, Paperback.

Samkhya forms one of the most important pillars of the six systems of Indian philosophy. Its contribution to our knowledge of Reality and the world is seminal. Today Vedanta rules the roost, and modern science is finding itself more and more in agreement with the intuitive perceptions of this sixth system; but it must be noted that Vedanta takes off to ethereal heights only from the granite platform provided by Samkhya. Vedanta accepts most of the basic concepts of Samkhya to explain the universe. In the end, Samkhya reduces everything to two entities—nature and spirit. What Vedanta does is to integrate these two further into one splendid all-comprehensive Unity.