Sakti And Sakta

Sakti And Sakta
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By Sir John Woodroffe, 467 Pages, Paperback.

"These Lectures and other collected papers traverse new ground in the Literature of Indian Religion, for they are the first attempt to give an authenticated and understanding general account, from the Indian standpoint, of the chief features of the Doctrine and Practice of that class of Indian worshippers who are called Saktas, that is, those who adore the Divine Power (Mahashakti), as Mahadevi, the Great Mother (Magna Mater) of the universe. As this religious community shares in common with others, certain principles and practices, the work is also necessarily an account of the worship and spiritual disciplines called Sadhana which, in varying forms, are adopted by all communities of Indian worshippers (Sadhakas) governed by the Agama and its numerous scriptures called Tantras." SRI JOHN WOODROFFE