Revelations Of Divine Love

Revelations Of Divine Love

Edited by Grace Warrack, 208 Pages, Paperback.

Here is the complete text of the 14th century spiritual classic. It has been called "the most perfect fruit of later medieval mysticism in England" and is considered to be the first book in the English language written by a woman.

For hundreds of years the book has been a source of joy and comfort for the thousands who have turned to it for inspiration. Best known for her assurance that "all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well," Julian is also known for telling us how the Lord showed her all that is made in something the size of a hazel nut.

Julian's message is as direct as it is universal. One who is unfamiliar with her unique message is to that extent spiritually impoverished.

This version of Revelations of Divine Love is from the manuscript in the British Museum edited by Grace Warrack.