Reminiscences Of Swami Vivekananda (Paper)

Reminiscences Of Swami Vivekananda (Paper)
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By His Eastern & Western Admirers, 430 pages, Paperback.

"To those who have heard much of the personal appearance of Swami Vivekananda, it may seem strange that it was not this which made the first outstanding impression. The forceful virile figure which stepped upon the platform was unlike the emaciated, ascetic type which is generally associated with spirituality in the West. A sickly saint everyone understands, but who ever heard of a powerful saint? The power that emanated from this mysterious being was so great that one all but shrank from it. It was overwhelming. It threatened to sweep everything before it...Still those who feared to be caught in the current of this great power were but few, the others by thousands were drawn with the irresistible force, even as iron filings to a magnet. He had a power of attraction so great that those who came near him, men and women alike, even children, fell under the magic spell he cast. SISTER CHRISTINE