Principles and Purpose of Vedanta

Principles and Purpose of Vedanta
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By Swami Paramananda, 37 Pages, Paperback.

A true principle is that which cannot be influenced by time, space or causation. Any fundamental truth can stand equally the test of all ages, because truth is self-existent and not limited by or dependent on country, nation or individual authority. Neither can it be the exclusive property of any one people or period."There is no true existence of the unreal and the real can never be non-existent; the Seers of Truth know the nature of both" (Bhagvad-Gita). Therefore whatever truth has shown in the remote past will be equally true today and also for ages to come.

Truth stands, not in vain assertions or imaginations, but on the testimony of wise Seers of all ages and climes. Therefore, however vague or dim an ideal may become, it cannot die, but reveals itself again and again through the mighty characters, who seek the realization of the Real.