The Practice Of Meditation

The Practice Of Meditation
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By Swami Ritajananda, 110 Pages, Paperback.

Meditation which was mainly confined to hermitages and mountain caves in former times has now become quite fashionable and even a status symbol in many lands the world over. The young and the old resort to it for maintaining and improving their physical health and mental well-being. Artists meditate to keep themselves professionally fit and business executives snatch time to get over stress through brief meditation sessions.

This is good as far as it goes, but it doesn't go far enough. True meditation is something much more profound. It gives a U-turn to one's personality. The mind that is seeking knowledge and pleasure through the senses from the outer world is made to dive deep inward to discover the Self, which is the one unfailing source of existence-knowledge-bliiss.

Meditation, therefore, is a great adventure in the spiritual field, a challenge and an inspiration to every genuine seeker of the Ultimate. The reward is limitless. Meditation wafts us to that ampler ether in which all our so called problems vanish and we attain the peace that passeth understanding.