Power In Temples

Power In Temples

By Srikant, 208 Pages, Paperback.

Much misinformation and wrong notions about temple worship are widely prevalent. It is even maligned as a superstitious and primitive form of worship of the 'inert' stone and metal! Despite the fact that modern science is very much conscious that matter is something not to be despised as 'dead' or 'inert', but is a concentration of tremendous energy, and despite scientists trying to explore into the deeper mysteries of matter such as its potentials of 'will' and 'information', there are still some religionists and materialists who voice their contempt for the worship of 'stone and metals' in temples.

In modern science, especially in physics and biology, there is slowly emerging a philosophical awareness of an all-embracing Reality, which is akin to the concept of Brahman of Advaita philosophy, according to which the whole phenomena of the universe are considered as the conditioned manifestations of Brahman, the Supreme Reality. The science of temple worship, an effective means for the conditioned human mind to be in communion with the Supreme, can be better understood through a scientific perspective. For, this spiritual practice is not based on blind faith, but is founded on well-coordinated subtle principles which are the outcome of the deepest inquiries into Reality.

"Know that there must be manifestation of God in places where countless people have practiced austerity. From time immemorial numberless devotees and men of realisation have come to these holy places to have the vision of God. Therefore, God, though equally present everywhere, manifests Himself especially in these places in the same way as water can be had anywhere by digging the ground, but where there is a tank or a lake, one has not to dig for water, but can get it whenever one likes." SRI RAMAKRISHNA.