Sri Nimbarka

Sri Nimbarka

By Swami Tapasyananda, 22 Pages, Paperback.

"Bhakti Schools of Vedanta", of which this volume is a part, is a work intended to bring to the notice of the general that it is not correct to equate Vedanta exclusively with Advaita Vedanta, associated with Sri Sankaracharya. There are several other Acharyas who have expounded the Vedanta in quite a different way and whose status as teachers of Vedanta requires recognition.

The personages treated in the above book are Sri Ramanuja, Sri Nimbarka, Sri Vallabha, Sri Madhva and Sri Caitanya. Besides their theo-philosophies, detailed accounts of their lives are given. For it is the support of their lives that gives more authority to their teachings than the philosophical writings of mere armchair philosophers. The frame-work of their lives is mainly historical, but most of the miraculous and extraordinary incidents mentioned in them may be largely projections of the pious imaginations of their followers. These too are to be respectfully received. It is the way o the Indian mind to convey the idea that these Acharyas are endowed with extraordinary powers. But for this, their teachings could not have survived through so many centuries influencing the lives of innumerable generations of men.

For the benefit of those who cannot go for the full volume at a time, the section dealing with each Acharya has been brought out as a separate book.