The Mystic Heart

The Mystic Heart
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By Wayne Teasdall, 292 Pages, Paperback.

Drawing on his extraordinary experience as an interreligious monk and mystic, Brother Wayne Teasdale explores what he calls interspirituality, a genuine and comprehensive spirituality that draws on the mystical core of the world's great religious traditions. After years within the Catholic lay monastic community, Teasdale found himself drawn to the visionary path of Father Bede Griffiths, who initiated him in the way of Sannyasa, the life of renunciation and dedication to the quest for God.

From this spiritual vantage, "The Mystic Heart" shows that what so often forms the basis for conflict can really be a meeting place of understanding. For Teasdale, comparing religious traditions is more than a matter of developing tolerance. In their meeting, he writes, a greater truth can be realized. He explains the power of a universal spirituality and its eight practical elements: solidarity with all life, moral capacity, nonviolence, self-knowledge, selfless service, simplicity of lifestyle, daily practice, and serving as a prophetic witness in the causes of justice, peace, and protecting creation.

Through scholarship, stories, and personal practice, Teasdale demonstrates that the final goal of authentic spirituality is realizing our true nature as mystics.