The Mind And Its Control

The Mind And Its Control

By Swami Budhananda, 128 Pages, Paperback.

The control of the mind is a theme of universal interest. It personally concerns every spiritual seeker belonging to any religion. Religion in its applied aspect has to grapple with this problem. No fundamental work for the uplift of the individual or the community can ever be done without mind-control. Hence its compelling claim on our attention.

Among those who seek control their minds there are different kinds of people: atheists, believers, agnostics, and those who are indifferent to religion. Ways of controlling the mind are open to all these kinds of people, though the true believer in God may be at an advantage in that genuine love of God can to a considerable degree simplify his problems with the mind. This book, however, is written for all. A detached inquirer will keep this mind open to all methods of controlling the mind.