Meditation and Other Spiritual Disciplines

Meditation and Other Spiritual Disciplines

By Swami Swahananda, 176 Pages, Paperback.

This is a collection of essays on spiritual disciplines according to the different Acharyas of various philosophical persuasions along with articles on specific spiritual practices like meditation, japa, prayer, etc.

In the spiritual view of life, the purpose of our existence is to realize our spiritual nature, to realize God. The scriptures, saints, mystics and wise men of all religions support this. They have prescribed four major methods, called yogas, for achieving this realization. The four yogas correspond to four tendencies of the mind. Jnana-yoga, the way of knowledge, directs the reasoning faculty of mind, Bhakti-yoga, the way of love, employs the power of strong feeling to direct the mind and personality to absorption in an Ideal. Karma-yoga, the way of action, leading man to freedom from action through non-attachment and desirelessness. And Raja-yoga, the way of concentration and meditation. Various scriptures stress the importance of meditation for spiritual realization.