Man In Search Of Immortality

Man In Search Of Immortality
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By Swami Nikhilananda, 106 Pages, Paperback.

Ever since the time when man began to think and consciousness became self-conscious, he has been asking about his true nature, his origin, and his ultimate destiny. These remain his perennial questions. Philosophers, theologians and mystics have suggested various answers. The immortality of the soul-its birthless and deathless nature-is the answer given by Hinduism. The doctrine of rebirth-its inescapable corollary-explaines to the Hindus the inequality among men, shows them the way to future improvement of their lot, and assures them of their ultimate liberation from the pain and suffering of life. With the Hindus, immortality is not a dogma but a metaphysical truth based upon direct experience. It robs death of its paralyzing fear. It is immortality that gives permanence to the soul, a unique possession which, if lost, leaves nothing in the world worth preserving.