The Mantram Handbook

The Mantram Handbook
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By Eknath Easwaran, 200 Pages, Paperback.

The mantram is a prayer word or spiritual formula, the living symbol of the highest ideal the human spirit can respond to and love. "My God and My All" was used by Saint Francis of Assissi. Gandhi drew abiding strength from "Rama, Rama", a name of God meaning the source of joy within.

Choose your own mantram with Easwaran's help, and discover how to use it. So easy, so simple, you will be surprised at what power it has. The repetition of the mantram is not a mechanical exercise—it is a key to our deepest resources of strength, patience and love.

You don't have to make any big promises or commitments. You only have to repeat your chosen mantram when you are agitated—angry, afraid, or caught in worries and regrets—and a little door opens into the depths of your consciousness.