Mahapurush Maharaj As We Knew Him

Mahapurush Maharaj As We Knew Him

By Swami Apurvananda, 215 pages, Paperback.

"Mahapurush Maharaj As We Knew Him" is a collection of reminiscences by 26 monks and disciples.

"We led the life of sadhus with him at Belur Math just as children lead the life of the family with their parents, receiving great love and affection. We never felt any sense of reserve with him on account of his important position. We loved him and delighted in his company, and he also had great affection and concern for us. All these events are the holiest memories of our lives and our most sacred support. The passage of these many years has not faded these memories. On the contraty, they shine more brightly and bring more sweetness. I feel great joy now when I think of them. And I wonder just how great this Mahapurush was with whom we dwelled." SWAMI SARVATMANANDA