Life of Sri Ramakrishna

Life of Sri Ramakrishna
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Compiled by Advaita Ashrama, Forward by Mahatma Gandhi, 504 pages, Hardcover.

"The story of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's life is a story of religion in practice. His life enables us to see God face to face. No one can read the story of his life without being convinced that God alone is real and that all else is an illusion. Ramakrishna was a living embodiment of godliness. His sayings are not those of a mere learned man but they are pages from the Book of Life. They are revelations of his own experiences. They, therefore, leave on the reader an impression which he cannot resist. In this age of scepticism Ramakrishna presents an example of a bright and living faith which gives solace to thousands of men and women who would otherwise have remained without spiritual light. Ramakrishna's life was an object-lesson in Ahimsa. His love knows no limits, geographical or otherwise. May his divine love be an inspiration to all who read the following pages." M. K. GANDHI