Lectures From Colomba to Almora

Lectures From Colomba to Almora

By Swami Vivekananda, 437 pages, Hardcover.

Four years after Swami Vivekananda had left the shores of India as an unknown monk, he landed at Colombo on January 15, 1897. His countrymen had been eagerly awaiting his return to the motherland to give him a hearty welcome. And since his landing, his journey turned into a victory procession. Delirious crowds gathered everywhere to hear a word from his lips, and young men and even Rajas drew his carriage.

The Swami was not the man to flee from triumph any more than from battle. He addressed people everywhere and said that the honour shown to him was the honour shown to the ideals the country had held dear from time immemorial. These lectures of his formed, as it were, the Charter for Modern India. They are a call for awakening and action, very much needed today.