Inspired Talks

Inspired Talks

By Swami Vivekananda, 259 pages, Paperback.

A record of the Swami's intimate conversations with chosen devotees and disciples who lived with him at the cottage in Thousand Island Park. The reader will be struck with the brilliant flashes of illumination, the lofty flights of eloquence, and the words of profound wisdom revealed here.

"Blessed is the country in which he was born, blessed are they who lived on this earth at the same time, and blessed, thrice blessed are the few who sat at this feet...Only if one's mind were lifted to that high state of consciousness in which we lived for the time, could we hope to recapture the experience. We were filled with joy. We did not know at that time that we were living in his radiance. On the wings of inspiration, he carried us to the height which was his natural abode. He himself, speaking of it later, said that he was at his best in Thousand Islands." SISTER CHRISTINE