How A Shepherd Boy Became a Saint

How A Shepherd Boy Became a Saint

By Swami Chetanananda, 175 pages, Paperback.

The natural inclination of most mystics is to remain unknown to the world in undisturbed communion with God. And yet, their lives can tell us more about God than can whole libraries on religion, philosophy, and theology. When they teach, it may be through only a few words or even through silence, for they are not talkers of religion; yet a few words from a great soul have been known to change the course of a person's life. Those who are really seeking God will be drawn to the mystics, whether they are well-known or hidden from most of mankind. People may not see the flowers which are in full bloom deep in the forest, but the bees searching for nectar will be attracted to them.

Swami Adbhutananda, familiarly and affectionately known as Latu Maharaj, was such a mystic. Through the divine influence of his teacher, Sri Ramakrishna, and under his careful training, this unsophisticated village boy become an illumined saint.