How to Organise Life?

How to Organise Life?

Published by Ramakrishna Math, 229 Pages, Paperback.

All Hindu scriptures are generally classified into two: Shrutis and Smritis. Shrutis deal with Eternal Truths, and the Smritis, with the codes and conducts governing day-to-day life. While Shrutis never change, the Smritis undergo change keeping in view the changing circumstances.

This book deals with Smritis-in all aspects, in a modern and contemporary context. Not only the role of earlier but also the need for a modern Smriti, along with a new meaning of Ashrama-dharama, is discussed here. Written by eminent monks and scholars, these writings were published in December 2002 as the Spotlight issue of the Vedanta Kesari, the English monthly published from Ramakrishna Math. It gives practical insights as to how to organise life in today's world of changing values and fulfillment and meaning in life.