Holy Scriptures

Holy Scriptures
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A publication of Ramakrishna Math, 112 Pages, Paperback.

Man cannot live by bread alone. His mind seeks to know more and more of himself and the universe that surrounds him, his heart yearns to experience the profounder values that can enrich and transform life. Hence arise philosophy and religion. They two are not contraries or contradictories. They are intimately interdependent. Religion with our philosophy is blind, philosophy without religion is lame. It is in the holy scriptures that philosophy and religion meet and mingle, satisfying the head and the heart.

Each faith has distinct scriptures, but all of them have the same goal. It is the realization of this truth that is needed today when there are conflicts engineered by the fundamentalists, each swearing by his particular scripture and damning all others.

This book of essays on various holy scriptures is to open our eyes to the Good, the True, the Beautiful.