Hindu Samskaras

Hindu Samskaras

By Rajbali Pandey, 327 Pages, Hardcover.

This book is a systematic study of all the 'Samskaras' (rituals) enjoined to be performed at the various epochs in the life of an individual. The author has cited parallels in other religions to show that they are universal and have a recognized place in ancient cultures and are still represented within the limits of modern religion. He has also shown that the sacramental practices, far from being an irrational priestcraft, are consistent and logical and have practical utility and intention.

This work discusses the source, meaning, number, purpose and constituents of the Samskaras grouped under five heads: prenatal, natal, educational, nuptial and funeral. Besides being a landmark in Hindu culture, it presents patterns of life based on high ethical, spiritual and humanistic values.