Hinduism Through Questions & Answers

Hinduism Through Questions & Answers

By Swami Harshananda, 82 Pages, Paperback.

Hinduism is India's contribution to the heritage of mankind. It originated and evolved in a sub-continent richly endowed by Nature with rivers and mountains, fertile plains and forests. Many races have battled on this land and finally blended; many ideas have clashed and synthesized; many kings and kingdoms sprouted to blossom into great centres of power and ultimately disappeared leaving behind monuments of sanctity and great beauty; many probed the secrets of life and death without the tools of science but through the adventures of the mind and spirit. They did all this in search of a central purpose which could give meaning to life and direct its infinite activities. The story of Hinduism is mainly the story of a people who were enchanted by the mystery of life and who ventured into the UNKNOWN.

This little book is an attempt to answer some of the typical questions posed by students as well as critics.