Hinduism At A Glance

Hinduism At A Glance
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By Swami Nirvedananda, 272 Pages, Paperback.

Hinduism, resting on numerous and varied scriptural texts and covering a vast number of sectarian creeds, obviously requires an encyclopedic treatment. "Hinduism At a Glance", however, as the name suggests, is only a broad outline of the prominent features of this religion. It presents its essential contents in a nutshell, and aims at acquainting the busy reader with all that Hinduism stands for, and that as quickly as possible.

Though intended mainly for Hindu students, the book seeks to provide the interested public, including those living outside India, with necessary information on this ancient religion. The subject has been surveyed from a universal standpoint, and the views of different current schools of Hindu thought have been treated with due regard. The first part dwells especially on the practical aspect of Hinduism and the second part on its ideology.