God Is Evolution Evolution Is God

God Is Evolution Evolution Is God
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Edited by Gail Northe, 195 Pages, Hardcover.

Kapila, one of the "Seven Great Rishis" of ancient India (7th century B.C.) was the first discoverer of the concept of evolution. That is what this anthology is all about. It tells the "Whence, How, What and Why" of the universe, and our relationship to it. In developing his Sankhya philosophy, Kapila went beyond physical (organic) evolution to include moral and spiritual evolution. This great re-discovery appeared in this country in 1914 under the title of "The Problem Universal" by Swami Saradananda, direct disciple and biographer of Sri Ramakrishna. This collection contains essays, lectures and excerpts on the topic of spiritual evolution selected from The Message of the East, a Vedanta monthly, which was founded by Swami Pramananda. The anthology was edited by Gail Northe.