Forgotten Truth

Forgotten Truth
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By Huston Smith, 182 Pages, Paperback.

"People have a profound need to believe that the truth they perceive is rooted in the unchanging depths of the universe; for were it not, could the truth be really important? Yet how can we so believe when others see truth differently? Archaiac peoples, wrapped like cocoons in their tribal beliefs, did not face this dilemma. Even civilizations on the whole have been spared it, for until recently they were largely self-contained. It is weŚwe moderns, we worldly wiseŚwho experience the problem acutely.

This book addresses that problem. One finds a remarkable unity underlying the surface differences. When we look at human bodies we normally notice their external features, which differ markedly. Meanwhile the spines that support this variety are structurally much alike. It is the same with collective outlooks. Outwardly they too differ, but inwardly it is as if an 'invisible geometry' has everywhere been working to shape them to a single truth." HOUSTON SMITH