Exploring Harmony among Religious Traditions in India

Exploring Harmony among Religious Traditions in India

Papers read at a seminar held at Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, India, in January 2007, 386 Pages, Hardcover.

One of the main problems about religion is its plurality or diversity. Not only there are several religions but they differ from one another in many ways. Each claims to show the right way of life, each claims to provide supreme peace and fulfillment.

Diversity of religion, however, is not merely a philosophical problem. It has immense social, cultural and political consequences. Differences among religions have been one of the main causes of wars and communal riots all through human history. Even in normal, peaceful society, many people harbor prejudice and ill will towards followers of religions other than their own.

Since religious conflicts and communal disharmony have assumed serious proportions in present-day India, harmony of religions has become a most important and vital concern for all people.