Evolution Of Mother Worship In India

Evolution Of Mother Worship In India

By Prof. Sashi Bhusan Dasgupta, 56 Pages, Paperback.

The concept and practice of 'Worship of God as Mother' in India dates to a hoary past. In the modern age new vistas of this type of divine worship have been opened up with the advent of Sri Ramakrishna whose life and spiritual practices have taught humankind not only to look upon God as Mother of the Universe but also to realize Her as residing in the hearts of all, especially women. His divine consort, Sri Sarada Devi, was looked upon as a special manifestation of that Mother of the Universe and is literally adored by countless devotees. She was the Mother of the virtuous and the wicked, humans and sub-humans.

"Evolution of Mother Worship in India" traces the growth of this ideal as embodied in some of its well-known characters in Indian history and literature.