Effective Life Management

Effective Life Management

By Swami Amartyananda, 188 Pages, Paperback.

No man can hope to achieve material progress exclusively, by depriving others. One can only progress as a part of the society he lives in-through interaction, cooperation and teamwork. Society is an organization, a coming together of individuals. The society that has achieved a harmonious understanding amidst its members, progresses faster and is more stable. It is needless to say that such a situation calls for and depends on the characters of each individual in that society. Such a healthy society also helps in moulding the character of its youngsters, thereby achieving a general standard of welfare and well-being.

With the aim of helping individuals develop right values and habits, this book exhorts its readers to imbibe right thoughts. This culture can be acquired by following three techniques:

1. Satsanga: Study of scriptures and holy company. 2. Discipline: Involves performing one's daily activities efficiently, in an organized manner. 3. Meditation: Process of watching the thought-flow of one's own mind with a view to gain control over one's emotions.