A Dictionary Of Advaita Vedanta

A Dictionary Of Advaita Vedanta
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By Swami Harshananda, 108 Pages, Paperback.

Among the six systems of Indian philosophy, Vedanta is the most well-known and widely studied. Based on the writings of Sankara, Ramanuja and Madhva, it has branched off into three major traditions which are very much alive even today.

Literature on the Advaita Vedanta is legion, thanks to the numerous descendants and defendants of the tradition. Among the simpler and more elementary treatises of Advaita is the 'Vedantasara' of Sadananda. Being a later work, it has the advantage of systematizing all the important doctrines of the earlier works and presenting them in a comprehensive but compact way.

This dictionary has been prepared, drawing heavily from the 'Vedantasara'. But, to understand the terms given here, some background is needed. This has been provided in the two essays: 'The Advaita Vedanta Darsana' and 'Sadananda's Vedantasara'. The book also includes ten charts which give in a condensed form all the essential information of Advaita Vedanta as given in the 'Vedantasara'.