Common Sense about Yoga

Common Sense about Yoga

By Swami Pavitrananda, 78 Pages, Paperback.

This book have been the outcome of a form of thinking aloud on the subject of Yoga. Its main object is to discuss the science of Yoga in as simple and rational manner as possible. All four Yogas: Bhakti- Yoga, Karma-Yoga, Jnana-Yoga, Raja-Yoga and the Mysteries of Yoga are discussed.

It is on the whole, an easy matter to describe Yoga in terms of the intellect, or to discuss it in philosophical language. Being however the essence of all religions, Yoga, for its true understanding, depends not on words but on experience. It is perhaps once in a thousand years that a prophet or seer is born who can talk with authority on the essence of religion, and even the voice of such a one is soon drowned in the confusion that always rages in the world.

One thing however is certain: If the path is recognized to be right and the goal to be worthy of attainment , there is no alternative left for the determined and sincere pilgrim but to struggle on and on, even though "the road winds uphill all the way, yea to the very end"